Outstanding Attorney!

Attorney Dave Raben is outstanding! Our family cannot express enough our gratitude towards him for what he has done for us. From the time we contacted Dave Raben, he has been attentive to our needs, has been honest and has made us feel comfortable in such a difficult situation. He is extremely knowledgeable and immediately strategized our case, and has gone above and beyond for the best possible outcome, and thanks to him we had a very favorable result. He has exceeded our expectations and we highly recommend him, he will not let you down.

Layla, December 21, 2016
Super Star Criminal Defense Attorney

I was represented by Mr. Raben for a first degree felony charge very recently. I thought it was important to inform you of my personal experience, having gone through so many attorneys who quite frankly where mediocre or indifferent about their clients. My outcome was very favorable, my case was dismissed. Here’s how he obtained my results and expectations:

Mr. Raben has an exceptionally strong eye for detail that was a benefit to my case. He also has a very calm demeanor that was a blessing for me due to my lack of patience and frustration. His strong sense of organization and professionalism helped him gain the upper-hand in and out of court. Not to mention his flawless reputation and regarded highly throughout court and officials such as judges, police department and prosecutors. This is the best part- Mr. Raben is an extremely talented criminal defense attorney who cares a great deal about all of his clients. There is no question I would recommend him for any matter. He will solve and provide you with the best possible outcome due to his experience and knowledge. You won’t regret hiring him.

Carol , December 8, 2016
My first experience with a lawyer.

My experience with David Raben was very positive and successful.He is professional,competent and a pleasure to work with, honestly after passing a bad time,i owe thanks and confidence for good work.I have know for its service,recommend and at the same time i can officially call MY LAWYER

Yarina , October 8, 2016
Very effective and humane Attorney

I have never been in legal trouble for 52 years and 3 months ago I was charged with two serious criminal offenses. I was frightened, confused and didn’t understand what was happening. My entire family went into a state of crisis. All I did was called Mr. Raben and he organized bail to be posted in just a couple hours (on a weekend-evening). I met with Mr. Raben. He patiently listened to all mine and my family members concerns, and immediately made us feel confident, I (we) could carry on with my life – all my troubles were being handled by him. All my troubles transferred to him. The outcome was incredible. He performed an outstanding job using his vast knowledge and experience in the field of criminal law. I would recommend this attorney, who additionally, is very humane and will treat any individual with respect and compassion. He will certainly help clients ease their anxiety and maintain regular living activities while the case is processed. His success rate was 2 out of 2, with outstanding deals. He has a network of professionals who will help in all areas of any case he handles, making the entire process low cost and quick.

Kevin, January 28, 2016
Best Criminal Attorney in Florida

Mr. Raben is an amazing attorney who’s top priority is to protect your constitutional rights. He is an attorney who cares for his clients and does what you hire him to do. Most attorneys are plea bargain attorneys and always wealing and dealing with the state to plea bargain your case. NOT Mr. Raben! He investigates your case thru law and he is always ready for a “fight” if it comes to it. I have hired him for two separate cases where I was facing some serious prison time, both cases he worked his butt off to defend me and the outcome was favorable for me. I have referred others to him with serious cases and in each case he did his job admirably and with favorable outcomes for all of them. It’s amazing how when you walk thru the criminal courthouse with Mr. Raben you see the utmost respect given to him by other attorneys, prosecutors and judges. My judge actually stated to me that “I have a powerhouse attorney”! If your looking for a attorney to represent you and your rights, a attorney who actually works for his pay, an attorney who is knowledgeable with criminal law, an attorney who isn’t afraid of the justice system, an attorney who will fight for you against all odds, an attorney who won’t sell you out in plea bargains and an attorney who truly cares and is respected by his peers, then look no further. Mr. David Raben is your man, hands down. He truly is an amazing wonderful attorney and humanitarian. I can’t ever thank him enough for saving my life and protecting me when I made a couple stupid decisions in my life.

Joseph Castranova III, January 28, 2016
Amazing Lawyer

I feel so thankful and honored to have chosen Dave Raben as my attorney. Mr. Raben was consistent in helping me and overseeing my case. He is extremely experienced and competent, and was able to get my charges reduced from a 33-41 month sentence in prison to 12 months of home confinement. He always kept me well informed through all of the proceeding and in the end I was very pleased with his results. I will always highly recommend him to all of my family and friends.

Evelyn, December 21, 2015
Terrific lawyer and Excellent human being

Mr. Raben represent my fiancee in a long and complicated case. And he got the best for my loved one. He took the case very personal, we really gained not only a good lawyer but a truly friend. I recommend his experience with more than 30 years and his hard work with eyes close. Even the case is close he still helping us to get better things for the future. We are very thankful with Mr. Raben.

Angie Gonzalez , October 14, 2013